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A Statement from the Mothers of Those Sentenced to Death in Saudi Arabia

A Statement from the Mothers of Those Sentenced to Death in Saudi Arabia

((We hold King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef fully responsible for the blood of our children))

We are the mothers of Ali Mohammed al-Nimr, Mohammed al-Shioukh, Dawood Hussein al-Marhoon, Abdullah al-Zaher, Ali Saeed al-Rebh, and Mohammed al-Suwaimel, whom the Saudi government has sentenced to death. We affirm our rejection of the unjust sentences issued against our children.

In light of information reported in Saudi media this week concerning the authorities› intention to implement the executions of a number of convicts in the coming days, in addition to indications that our children may be included, our fears over their fates have compounded.

We would like to reiterate that Saudi authorities have subjected our children to multiple forms of injustice. Officials arrested and detained them arbitrarily. Investigators physically and psychologically tortured them in various ways during their interrogations. Furthermore, the trials that led to their convictions and sentences lacked the most basic due process standards and conditions.

We affirm that our children did not kill our wound anyone, and that several charges brought against them are not fair legal charges. We further affirm that what charges are true in no way deserve a penalty of death.

The sentences handed down to our children are unique in the history of Saudi justice. They were based on confessions extracted under torture, trials that barred them from accessing defense counsel, and judges that displayed bias towards the prosecution.

As mothers of young men both deprived of their right to liberty and facing an unknown fate that may deprive them of their right to life, we demand that the Saudi government drop their sentences and order their re-trial. These trials must be public, in accordance with international principles, and must be attended by neutral observers.

We also emphasize that the ratification of these sentences is not only a significant error, but a crime that cannot be accepted by any religion or person of conscience, and one that cannot be corrected. We stress that we will only stay silent over this crime if they kill us alongside our children.


– Naima Ali al-Matrook, the mother of Mohammed al-Shioukh

– Fatima Hassan al-Ghzwe, the mother of Abdullah al-Zaher

– Zahra Hassan al-Rebh, the mother of Ali al-Rebh

– Amena Ahmed al-Saker, the mother of Dawood al-Marhoon

– Nasra Abdullah al-Ahmed, the mother of Ali al-Nimr


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

13 Safar 1437