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Saudi Arabia turning down the release for a political activist was arrested because of his determined to demonstrate support to Palestine instead the end of his 8 years judgment

لقراءته بالعربية اضغط هنا

Wednesday 5 Oct 2016 the government should release the detainee and the political activist Khaled Sulaiman Al Omair, but until writing this report he is still arrested.

Al Omair arrested because he wants to demonstrate supporting to Palestine issue, 1 Sep 2009 the judgment issued him by 8 years, while the Saudi Arabia depending on Al Hijri calendar not After Christ Calendar, so Al Omair finished his judgment Wednesday 5 Oct and he opposed Omair finished his judgment Wednesday 5 Oct and he opposed  against his released and started an open strike against eating and visiting.

According to the local low, the Saudi Commission for Investigation and prosecution responsible for the jails observation and look at any detainee finished his judgment, but because it is not independent also without any authority in front of the Ministry of Interior while it should insert under the Judicial authority, realized that it’s related by the Ministry of Interior and take its budget from it. The first Article from its system: (Saudi Commission for the Investigation and Prosecution related with the Ministry of Interior and it budget from the Ministry budget).

Also the scare about Khalid Al Omair destiny from the wide and open validity’s  which is on the same time held the position of the king vice, clarify (the anti terror system and its finance) its injustice and discreditable. The prescribed  authority to the minister comes over on the courts stages and it could take an important fate decisions without return to the justice.

any stubborn from the Ministry of Interior about releasing  Al Omair can’t face by the legal force that the legal not related with the force and the Judicial authority not independent. The executive authority manage and control all the apparatus which deals with and through Internal Ministry with the opinion detainees for example  ( the courts, prosecutors, Jails) and disappear the  full  independent media also any attempt for an independent media will be funnel.

There are a lot of violations the Saudi Arabia government made towards Khalid Al Omair court:

1- 1 January 2009 arbitrary arrested.

2- refused for him the right and his legal  in groups and peaceful demonstration through refused him by the arrest and courts that comes regarding his invitation to support Palestinian war (Palestinian Rocket attacks) between 27 Dec 2008 to 18 Jan 2009. 3-Jailed him solitary for some period with worse treatment.

4- His judgment loss of some legal terms which are importance for the right courts and delay his judgment around 2 years and five months that his judgment issued by 8 years in May 2011.

5- issued non fair judgment conflict with his right of his peaceful expression and opinion although that conflict with what Saudia allege in Palestine charge. Saudia Arabia government focus on the right of expression in its reports and notices from time to time in United Nation Security council.  Instead of putting wide and not formed restrictions 2009 says in the submitted first national report to Human Rights council about the right of expression in Universal Periodic   Review and through (King Abdulaziz Centre for National Dialog) make (wider participation for the communicating people and all categories which provides the fair and freedom in expression in the form of Islam).

However it, submitted in its second National Report in Universal Periodic Review 2013 paragraph 135 from the report some twisted and restricted in the freedom of the right of opinion. Als, it insure always  in the (Human Right Council) about the Palestinian issue and the right connected with  condemn the international community with the Palestinian conditions, but insure in Al Omaircharge’s, the previous positions not right.

It’s called in a word in the Human Rights Council notice’s 7  at 23 SEP 2016 in Gulf states representation, to give the Palestinian citizens the chance for itvoice to reach through The Human Rights Council. In addition, it condemned Israel occupation crimes for example: arbitrary arresting for the Palestinian citizens, students and activists only because of criticize occupation. Also, it says in the same day in an independent words in the 4th article (we meet together to remember the Palestinian suffering people with long occupation period, the new history registered that for more than 69 years from the Israeli occupation crimes in Palestinian Human Rights). (rise up from Palestinian people  suffering  is a fixed basic to the Kingdom policy).

The ESOHR is demanding to release immediately for the political activist Khaled Al Omair without any conditions and stop the arrests which lose Saudi Arabia it credibility situation in Palestinian   support.

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