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ESOHR 2016 Shadow torture report on Saudi Arabia submitted to UNCAT


This report examines some aspects of Saudi Arabia’s second periodic report,1 which will be addressed within the upcoming second review of Saudi Arabia by the Committee against Torture. The report is based on research conducted in February and March 2016 and focuses on individuals detained by the Saudi authorities in the Eastern Province in relation to activities perceived as opposing the government. Government surveillance and restrictions on means of communication were among the obstacles to research for this report. A number of people declined to be interviewed out of fear that they or their detained relatives may risk repercussions by the Saudi authorities. We have therefore exercised extreme caution when including information on cases in this report, omitting names and other information that may identify interviewees or put people at risk. The last part of this report provides information on corporal punishment in Saudi Arabia. This report was commissioned by the European Saudi Organisation for Human Rights (ESOHR) and was researched and written by Cilina Nasser, an independent human rights researcher on the Middle East and North Africa. ESOHR identified cases for this report and liaised between the researcher and interviewees.

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