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The Specialized criminal court (SCC) set up for terrorism cases will try activists, journalist and a woman in November 2015


لقراءته بالعربية اضغط هنا

The month of November 2015 will witness a series of trials, notably of activists, including members of The Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association (ACPRA), and that of a writer and a journalist.

On 4th November 2015, the Specialized criminal court (SCC) will hold the firstcourt sessionof the writer ZuhairKutubi, who is currently being held in Dhahban prison in Jeddah, after more than 100 days of arrest. He faces charges based on reviews made by a television interviewer, including Insulting theMenof Virtue and Preventionof viceAuthority (religious police), trying to override the work of religious institutions, creating a link between religious figures and the officials and innuendo or indirect criticism towards the rulers.

On 8th November 2015, the SCC will begin the tenth session of the trial against the President of‘ACPRA’ and its member, Isa Hamid Al-Hamed and this trial will be presided over by Judge Mohamed Osman Al-Zahrani. Al-Hamedfaces several charges including: Encouraging and inciting others to breach public order and creating disruption to security and peaceof mind, challenging the honesty of religiousness of senior scholars, belittling and insulting the judiciary, describing the Saudi regime as a policy, changing public opinion by accusing officials of torture and human rights violations, participation in the creation of an unauthorized association, communicating with third parties, non-compliance with the order dissolve ACPRA, and the preparing and storingdata that affects public order.

On theday following the trial of Al-Hamed (on 9th November 2015), the same court will hold it’s seventh court session ofthe founding member of the Association Abdul Aziz Shubaily, despite this Abdul Aziz refuses to recognize the legitimacy of this court. Shubailyfaces several charges: Publishinga statement calling for demonstrations and continuing to do this, accusing senior staff members scholarsof being a tool used to ratify whatever statement is given to them in return for financial and moral support, describing judges as being unjust and having a lack of integrity and violating human rights and legalizing torture, describing the Saudi regime as a Policy, accusing security authorities and senior officials of repression via torture, assassinations, forced disappearances and human rights violations, participation in an unauthorized association and participation in the formulation of their data , Non-compliance with the decision to dissolve the judicial resolution of the Assembly and the preparation, storage and distribution of data affecting public order.

On 15th November 2015, the third session of the trial of a member of ACPRA, Mohammad Omar Al-Saeed in the SCC, which will be headed by Judge Bandar Hamad Al-Tuwaijri, which he was referred to it after the completion of seven sessions held by a lower criminal court. Al Saeed has been detained since 28th April 2013 in Buraidahprison, facing charges related to peacefully exercising his right to express his opinion: Insulting the ruler and lobbying him by signing a statement calling for demonstrations, challenging thehonesty ofSenior scholar members, demonizing the authority of the judiciary, calling the system of government in Saudi Arabiarepressive and racist and trying to incite public opinion against security services by referring to them as repressive, and complicit to torture and terrorism – joining the ACPRA association –Participating in photography, protests and rallies, the preparation and storage of data thatshall affect the public order, the promotion of false news and rumors on the Internet in order to discredit the state and lobbying the public in order to create chaos.

On 16th November 2015, the same Court will hold the third session of Khalid Faraj, who is charged with entering the Kingdom and residing in it with the intention of corruption and prejudice, participatingin andpromotingriots andrallies,chantingslogans, covering up for a number ofmen who are ‘wanted’ by the authoritiesand covering up an operation linked to the tradingin weapons.

Alsothe second session of the trial of GanaSuleiman al-Dakhilis expected. She is charged with supporting an attack on the building of theinvestigation centre,having a close connection with the owner of an account call‘The victorious’ (Al mansooren), abuse of a security services via Twitterand belief that the Saudi Arabia does not apply Islamic law.