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Saudi Arabia: King’s Reform Agenda Unfulfilled

لقراءته بالعربية اضغط هنا (Beirut) – King Abdullah’s reign brought about marginal advances for women but failed to secure the fundamental rights of Saudi citizens to free expression, association, and assembly. Abdullah’s successor, King Salman, should halt persecution of peaceful dissidents and religious minorities, end pervasive discrimination against women, and ensure greater protections for migrant workers. Over King Abdullah’s nine-and-a-half …

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The recent arrest of two female activists Israa Ghamgam and Samar Badawi, signalsa serious deterioration freedom of expression andthe dignity of womenin Saudi Arabia

لقراءته بالعربية اضغط هنا On Tuesday 12th January 2016, the Saudi authorities arrested human rights defender Samar Badawi on the basis of her human rights activities, which Saudi Arabia still considers iscrime that is worthy of a trial in the Specialized Criminal Court, a court which is being usedto try both the terrorists and human rights defenders, based on the …

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