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Inhumane Violations of the minor AlMdevr: Arbitrary Arrests and Harsh Time in Solitary Confinement

The European Saudi Organization for Human Rights (ESOHR) is concerned over the escalating human rights violations against minors in Saudi Arabia. As of 08/31/2014, a security force unit from the General Investigation Directorate in 3 vehicles and dressed in civilian clothes raided the house of the minor Abdul Rahman Walid Ali Al Mdevr’s family at 11 pm, and arrested him ...

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Concern Over the Fate of Arbitrarily Detained Sayyid Al Alawi After More Than Four Months of Isolation in Solitary Confinement, with no communication which violates of the law

On 10/13/2014, the Saudi authorities arrested (Sayyid Mofeed Mahfouz Al Alawi. 8/12/1984), where he received a call from someone who claimed his desire to buy medical products from Sayyid Al Alawi’s company. As a result, he agreed to meet on the same day, and upon arrival to the specified location, Sayyid Al Alawi’s car was surrounded and arms were pointed ...

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Saudi Arabia: Growing Concern Over the fate of Protesters Sentenced to Death After Giving them Additional Charges After 3 years of Detention

The European Saudi Organization for Human Rights (ESOHR) is concerned after the a Saudi justice added new additional charges to the protesters Ali Saeed AlRebh and Muhammad Faisal Alshiyouk. This comes after they were sentenced to death on 06/09/2014 on statements established as a result of forced confession and torture. These new additional charges come after more than three years ...

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Arrests in Saudi Arabia 2015

The European Saudi Organization for Human Rights monitors, starting from 2015, the arbitrary arrests exercised by the Saudi authorities on some of the human rights advocators, activists, political opponents and who adopts inconsistent views with the government in religious, intellectual and political fields. We, The European Saudi Organization for Human Rights, consider pursuing the arbitrary arrests is of a paramount ...

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A Statement of the Independent Saudi Human Rights Organizations to Coincide With the New King

Geneva – London – Berlin – Toronto: We – as Saudi human rights organizations – have tracked the steps taken by the government of Saudi Arabia to improve its human rights record during the reign of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud (01/08/2005 – 01/23/2015). We have concluded that such steps were not serious and led to no meaningful ...

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